Cape Town is experiencing severe water restrictions

Severe drought and insufficient winter rains mean that the situation has reached a critical stage. 


• Water is limited to 50 litres (about 13 gallons) per person per day

How this will affect your stay

  • Some swimming pools will not in operation
  • Jacuzzis/hot tubs will not be functioning
  • Irrigation systems which use Municipal Water will not be allowed to be used
  • Gardens might not be looking lush and green, but rather the grass might be yellow with fewer plants & flowers
  • Restaurants will have exchanged cloth napkins for paper ones etc
  • Some shopping malls have installed waterless hand sanitizers

How you can help

– Try to follow the water-saving tips given by your hotel
– No bathing (some hotels have removed the bath plugs)
– Take 2 minute showers only, switching water off in between to soap up or apply shampoo
– Use the bucket provided to catch the shower water
– Switch off the tap while brushing your teeth

See how quickly it adds up!   (1 gallon = 3.8 litres)

– 5-minute shower: 10 gallons (38L)
– Brushing teeth with tap running: 2 gallons/min (7.6L per min)
– Brushing teeth with tap off: .25 gallon (0.95L)
– One toilet flush: 3 gallons (11.4L)
– Other water use (drinking, cooking, etc.): 7 gallons (26.6L)
– Washing machine: 40 gallons (152L)
– Dishwasher: 10 gallons (38L) 

Bottled water is widely available and we recommend you purchase water for drinking purposes.

Your understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Given that Cape Town and the Winelands is usually only 3 or 4 nights of a two week trip, we hope that you can assist us with reducing your water consumption and accept that there will be some restrictions which may affect your enjoyment in a small way.

To view areas affected by water restrictions, click here

Teewaterskloof Dam – One of Cape Town’s primary sources of water

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