(this one is for the girls!)

Most people come away from a safari with a sense of wonder at open spaces uninterrupted by roads or buildings; a feeling of awe at seeing the Milky Way with naked eyes; an amazement at Africa’s giants and incredible wildlife; and a million and one photographs to sort through. Sometimes, for us girls, we come away with a new fashion inspiration and an appreciation for simplicity…

safari chic
Neutral colours and comfort that blend into the environment

Once back to city life, you find yourself wanting to recreate the wilderness wardrobe look. This look is effortless, comfortable and elegant. Seemingly thrown together in a few minutes, but perfectly presented, it is natural, versatile and graceful. It is based on neutral colours and comfort, blending in perfectly with the environment and getting you through long days on safari in style.

Combine these signature style elements to get the ‘safari chic’ look, wherever you are in the world…

Long skinnies

Long trousers are essential on safari. They keep you warm in the crisp mornings, protect you from the midday sun, and when walking through the wilderness are a protective barrier against thorns, burrs and creepy crawlies, not to mention mosquitos at night. The secret is to select a skinny option to bring out your silhouette, and neutral colours like beige, grey or navy, as the base of any safari chic outfit.

Leather boots

Another must-have item is a decent pair of leather boots. They can be feminine, knee-high brown leather boots with a low heel, or even mannish, hiking Timberland boots. They should be fetching and comfortable; because boots are made for walking.

The Gilet

Yes, it does get cold in Africa. Most nights on safari are brisk, which is why they’re often paired with a GnT, camp fire and warm jumper. A popular trend among the women who define the ‘safari chic’ style by living it every day, is the gilet (French for waistcoat) or bomber jacket. Typically khaki or rough suede with a fur fringe or lining, a gilet worn over a long sleeve shirt is the safari chic choice.

Leather handbag

Even in the wilderness, your handbag is essential. The contents of your purse will differ vastly: your favourite shade of lipstick and pocket perfume will be replaced by lip balm with a high SPF and travel-sized insect repellent. To become a bush princess, equip yourself with a bush princess leather fringe handbag and add some boho glamour to your look!

Silver jewellery (and a lot of it!)

Every ‘safari chic’ girl is adorned with chunky silver jewelry in the form of rings, bracelets and necklaces. From thick silver wrist cuffs and big rings on every finger – the less-is-more rule does not apply. Rather than looking over-the-top, the heavy silver decorating gives an elegant edge to the ‘bohemians’ of the African bush.

Feather earrings

What enhances a naturally inspired outfit are fashion items made from nature. A favourite among the women of the wilderness are striking feather earrings, like the gorgeous Kapoeta long single earrings. Ancient cultures have incorporated feathers into their traditional attire for centuries, including African tribes such as the Samburu, who you may encounter on safari in Kenya. These beautiful feather earrings are unique, organic, wild and elegant, and tap into a tribal element of fashion.

A good hat

A leather or panama hat is the final and ultimate accessory to complete the ‘safari chic’ look. The African sun is beautiful and alluring, but it is also harsh and unforgiving, especially to foreign skin. For days out exploring the wilderness, a good hat is a vital accessory, and a charming finish to your bush princess, ‘safari chic’ look.

safari chic_Bush Princess
Even in the wilderness, your handbag is essential!  As is a good hat