Part of Liesl’s job is to travel to remote wilderness destinations in Africa to suss out new safari lodges on, what we in the travel industry call a ‘Fam Trip’  –  tough job but someone has to do it!  Recently she was invited to Kenya and was asked to bring a travelling companion. Instead of taking me (!)  she took her 10 year old son Ben on the trip of his young lifetime!  Here are some of her pics of the experiences they had and the fantastic wildlife they encountered.

Squinting into the rising African sun, Liesl and Ben drifting off over the Masai Mara.
hot air mara1
Thanks mom – I won’t forget this birthday present!
Bar ear fox mara1
Baby bat-eared foxes – a cute and rare sighting in the Masai Mara
Lioness with Mahali Mzuri in the background
Lioness with Richard Branson’s luxury Mahali Mzuri Safari Lodge in the background
Liesl and her son Ben in the Lewa
Mother and son in the Lewa Conservancy
baby rhino lewa3
Baby Black Rhino in the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya where Rhino are 100% protected
baby rhino lewa8
“Great to have you in Kenya Ben!  This is me and MY mom!”
reticulated giraffe3
Not your regular giraffe –  Reticulated giraffe are common in the Samburu National Reserve.
somali ostrich
The Somali ostrich is native to the Horn of Africa
Lion cub playing with his mother’s twitching whiskers
Lioness and cub in the Samburu National Park
Gracys Zebra Samburu5
Grévy’s Zebra is the largest Zebra. It has a long, narrow head and is found in northern Kenya and Ethiopia. It is also the rarest and is classified as endangered.
gerenuk2 samburu5
The gerenuk is also known as the giraffe gazelle, and is a very long-necked antelope. It is found in the Horn of Africa.  Liesl and Ben saw it in the Samburu National Park.
giraffe manor2
Liesl saying farewell to the resident Rothschild giraffe at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi

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