At African Safari Consultants, we all have a major passion for nature and the environment. We believe that our beautiful surroundings should be preserved for future generations to enjoy, so we often join forces with like-minded individuals or organisations with this common purpose. Greenpop is just such an organisation…

Founded in 2010, Greenpop has now successfully planted over 17000 trees in 210 locations that they’ve identified as being ‘under-greened’. Initially a once off project to plant 1000 trees in a month to offset co-founder Misha Teasdale’s work-related carbon footprint, the campaign was so successful that Misha couldn’t possibly call it a day. After joining forces with good friends Lauren O’Donnell and Jeremy Hewitt, the trio have taken Greenpop to new heights.


After having been a longtime admirer of the project, I decided that it was long overdue for me to check it out for myself. A simple online volunteer registration form later, and I was confirmed for an upcoming planting day the next week. I could not have been more excited!

Arriving at the Greenpop nursery at 8am on a scorching Cape Town summer’s day, we prepared the necessary items and staked a few trees before it was time to head off. The plant was to take place at a medical clinic in Plumstead (Cape Town) and would see 20 new fruit tree additions to the back section of the grounds. The (extremely) high temperatures were made bearable by the good spirits of the 20 or so volunteers, from all works of life, who had come to lend a hand. All trees are donated by private individuals and companies and all volunteers expect nothing for their time – it’s extremely encouraging to say the least.

With dirty hands, sweaty brows and tired legs, there were still smiles in abundance as the groundskeeper proudly watered the first tree planted. It was a truly memorable experience, and one that I will definitely be partaking in many (many) times again in future. Watch this space too for a possible future alliance between ASC and Greenpop.

Greenpop, we salute you! Check them out online here.