In March this year I fulfilled a lifelong ambition – to visit the great plains of Tanzania, the Serengeti. Stunning camps, professional guides and breathtaking vistas created a lasting memory which has been hard to shake. If I could have one wish it would be for everyone who loves the bush to experience these last islands of wilderness which truly give Africa its primeval spirit. From Arusha to the Serengeti and down to the Selous Game Reserve, below are some of my digital memories from my Serengeti safari which will hopefully provide a window into this breathtaking region.

Rivertree Lodge just outside Arusha – a real oasis and great springboard for exploring the adjacent Arusha National Park.
Olive Baboon in casual repose within Arusha National Park. Common residents and never short of entertaining.
Kimondo camp set amongst stunning Acacia woodland in the southern Serengeti. Our favourite camp, simple and situated in the path of the great migration.
The Meru style tent interior of Kimondo camp creating a feeling of being part of all that is happening around you.
The great migration is a continuous stream of animals along ancient trails in search of better grazing.
Finding lions on this vast plain is not as easy as you would think – this pride were the exception however.
In my opinion, the most beautiful part of the northern Serengeti – the Lamai Wedge – has Acacia trees forming islands of shade in a sea of grass
Big predators dominate the landscape in the Lamai Wedge with this trio of hyena being part of a clan of 130 strong!
Dawn breaking over the Mara river – a tranquil scene by comparison to the mayhem that will follow as Wildebeest crossover in August and September.
Ancient, patient hunters remind one of what perils lie in wait for the thousands that do have to cross this infamous stretch of river.
The Rufiji river at sunset as the short rainy season comes to an end and the big rains start to build in the Selous Game Reserve.

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