Few animals encapsulate the spirit of Africa quite like the African Elephant, so an elephant safari is a truly unforgettable experience.  The largest land mammal in the world, an elephant herd consists of the female members of a family line and their young.  Lead by the eldest of the bunch – the matriarch – the males of the herd go off to join other males ‘of age’, and form their own group.

Here at African Safaris we’re passionate about elephants, and all things elephant safari, so this blog will feature everything fellow elephant lovers would like to see. Whether you’re in Africa with your family or loved one and would like to see elephants somewhere along the way, or you’re a wildlife photographer wanting to get up close to the gentle giants, we cover it all!  We also arrange for those wanting to touch and interact with African elephants on an elephant back safari, where you’ll safely experience the bush from the elephant’s perspective. A visit to Africa is simply incomplete without an elephant safari of some kind…

If you’re interested in an elephant safari of your own, Contact Us to make it happen!

The Gentle Giants of Africa.