Botswana is enjoying a golden period of tourism, with the country attracting visitors from all corners of the world. With this influx of visitors, we thought we’d clear things up about getting around Botswana and show you how to ensure that your trip is as hassle free as possible!

Botswana is most commonly accessed by the air. To access the Delta guests fly into Maun – a small  town primarily used as a hub with no real accommodation options – arriving from either Johannesburg, Cape Town or Windhoek. Once in Maun, light aircraft will fly you directly in to the Okavango Delta.  The size of the aircraft varies from little 6 seater plane to a Caravan, depending on the amount of passengers.  From the other direction, visitors often enter Botswana via Kasane – a tiny border post between Zambia and Botswana on the Chobe River. This access is most convenient to travellers going to Victoria Falls.

Light aircrafts are commonplace in Botswana.

Luggage restrictions

For most intra-Botswana travel in light aircraft, there are strict luggage restrictions which vary depending on your destination. In general in Southern Africa each person may only have a maximum of 20kg/44lbs (including duffel bag + carry-on). No hard frames or wheels are allowed, and the bag needs to be soft so that it can be packed into the cargo hold of a small plane. 

Luggage restrictions are stringent  –   Air Charter companies only accept soft luggage (“duffel bags”). If your luggage is too heavy or too rigid, it will not fit in the aircraft storage pod, and you will have to buy bags at the airport. This can be frustrating and time wasting. Guests will be charged for an extra seat should they arrive with very large suitcases. The main concern is weight and balance and guest safety will never be compromised due to these luggage restrictions not being adhered to.

Passengers weighing more than 100kg (220lbs) must please advise us in advance as an extra seat cost will have to be calculated into the package for aircraft weight-and-balance safety purposes.

Luggage Restrictions.
Luggage Restrictions.

ASC now is able to supply a duffle bag that meets the size requirements for these flights. It’s only $35 each (plus shipping) so please let your consultant if you would like to order any. For a bag that has a few more features, and a lifetime warranty, we recommend this bag from Amazon. Clients who have used this bag love it and its features.

With the proper planning, your travel in Botswana needn’t be stressful. For any more information, please Contact Us and we will gladly assist you.