The action of the migration

A reminder that the migration is in full swing at the moment in East Africa.  We received an update this week from one of our partners Asilia who operate luxury camps in the area.  Have a read as to what they are currently seeing:

“This week has been fantastic as we had a chance to see the big five and the most amazing and interesting thing was when we found seven lions and one bull of rhino laying down close to each other facing. This event happened at bologonja plains the way to nyamarumbwa, no natural mechanism is perfect. The three cheetah brothers have been seen almost everyday and we have been sometimes seeing them hunting which was so good to guests. Also the leopard has been spotted around the mama kent gully on the tree with a kill of a male impala. Lions keep on roaring each night and have been seen along bolongoja river, mama kent gully, lamai plains, wogakurya kopjes.

We would like to say that this week has been fantastic as the great wildbeest crossing happened in front of the camp when the guests were having their delicious lunch, suddenly everyone left the lunch and ran to see the greatest crossing which took 1 ½ hr. This was an unforgattable life experience to everyone who did see this crossing.”

Wildlife Report from Olakira Camp 2011