Safari Feedback

We’ve had some travellers recently – clients who underwent intense pressure just to get to African shores due to the disruption from the volcanic ash – so thought we would share some of their feedback with you:

Dear Liesl and Jeff:

Since Saturday we are back in Lima, but, though we are very happy to be back with our family … we are already missing Africa.  The trip was a great and unforgettable experience and incredibly well organized.
We loved each and every place we visited and the differences between them gave it variety and made it very enjoyable.  All the lodges, as well as the boat, had great accommodations, very attentive and welcoming people and good food (we have put on some weight – will be starting a diet next week).

Maria Marta was able to see, touch and even ride all the elephants she could dream of, and we saw 4 of the “big 5” (the leopard just kept hiding from us). The Zambezi Queen, Marlin Lodge and Camp Jabulani organized celebrations for her “Quinceañero”; she will never forget this trip!

We are still organizing our photographs (have more than 3,000) but as soon as we have selected some especial ones, will mail them to you.
Having the “beach” part in the middle of the “safaris” was a great thing because it served as a time of relaxation before going back to the drives and “animal photography hunting”. We also did a lot of scuba diving and appreciated the beautiful underwater world of Benguerra island – and swimming in the Indian Ocean, for us, used to the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean, was something we couldn’t get enough of.

The stops in Johannesburg resulted very useful. We could change luggage and get a taste of city life before getting back on safari – and since we were able to rest before arriving at each lodge, we were quite fit to enjoy the drives we did on the first day (some of the other guests, arriving at the lodges directly from long flights, had difficulties on the first and even second days – not us with the way our program had been arranged).

Well, I could go on and on, but all I wanted to say is that we thank you both for a great and unforgettable trip and the good service you provide – you’ve got two friends in Lima that are planning to go back to Africa (not next year because we had already planned on going to the northern part of Europe) but probably the year after that – and we will send you our friends that are already asking “how we organized such a great trip”.

Thanks again.  All the best to both of you,  Marta – July, 2011
LieslThis is the first moment I’ve had to email.  I just wanted to THANK YOU soooo much for putting together this trip.  It has truly been a once in a lifetime event.  I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful the lodges have been, game viewing, etc.  Please tell Jeff thank you too!  We’re at Lion Sands now and I can’t help to wondering if it was you that got us into these beautiful suites.  The view from our bed is breathtaking.  We saw three leopards this morning.  I’ll be posting many praises on Trip Advisor when we get back.  Thanks again!!! – Caryn Arrowood – July, 2011