Take it easy, relax and savor the experience of wild Africa

Like some of the best things in life, Africa is better when savored in an unhurried, more leisurely manner, slowing the pace to allow you to properly absorb the magic of the wilderness and ease into that fabled, laid‐back African rhythm…

Slow travel was made for Africa.

Spending more time in the places you visit, connecting with them, and the people you meet, learning more about the environment that surrounds you, local culture, food, wildlife, nature…

These are all things that resonate deeply with what it truly means to travel in the heart of Africa, defining the ultimate safari experience.

Unpack. Unwind…

So rather than spending just a couple of days ‘on safari’ before moving on to the next destination on your itinerary, consider letting us craft an itinerary that gives you more time in each place, allowing you to unpack — both physically and emotionally.

It may seem trivial, but the ability to properly unpack your travel bag, hang up your clothes, and not be counting the hours until you leave for your next destination has an amazing effect on you. You relax, become more present, and actually open up to where you are and what’s around you, spending quality time actually experiencing both.

The benefits of going slowly…

A slow safari should enlighten and educate you. It should have an emotional impact and be of benefit to everyone involved in it. It should give you the opportunity to utterly immerse yourself in a destination, learn its nuances, appreciate what makes it special, go with its flow…

It should also encourage you to reboot, refresh and reprioritize, returning home with a new outlook on life and what’s important to you.

A slow safari is incredibly good for you, allowing you to completely switch off from ‘normal’ everyday life and completely let go of stress as you adjust to a more relaxed pace where you can choose how to spend your days.

That’s the secret of slow travel ‐ it’s a mindset, not a way of traveling!

Time ‐ the one thing you need more of!

So, how slow IS a slow safari? That very much depends on you and how much time you are willing to donate to what’s going to be a really in‐depth African experience. You could choose to spend two weeks in one place, or four weeks in four different destinations.

What we don’t recommend is anything less than five nights anywhere! So the longer you have in one place the better. (And if you have the time to spend a long time in several different places, then that’s just fabulous and gives us a lot to work with!)

When it comes to the ultimate slow safari, it’s a good idea to choose one country and select different safari destinations within that country. This gives you the unique opportunity to really absorb the essence of just one African nation, spending quality time exploring it, getting to know its people, its sights and sounds, and what makes it special.

Of course, you’re on safari, so spending multiple nights in some of Africa’s most legendary safari hotspots allows you to properly experience the meaning of being in the wilderness. It also gives you an understanding of how ecosystems work and offers an intimate view of the incredible wild animals and plants that call them home.

Lose the check‐list

Traveling more slowly means everything is less frenetic. The itinerary is simpler because you’re reducing the number of places by spending longer everywhere you go. There’s less to organize, less to worry about, and no rigid checklist to adhere to. You can forget the restrictive pressure of ‘if it’s Tuesday I have to catch a plane here… On Wednesday we have to be here at this time…”

Instead, kick back, unwind and forget what day of the week it is. You don’t have to go on every single game drive through the hurried fear of missing out… You can sleep late and spend more time at the pool… You have time for that community visit you were intrigued by… You can indulge in different activities like birding, or fishing, or a walking safari…

Many camps and lodges are happy to offer special activities for long‐stay guests, like a full‐day safari with a picnic lunch or a special sleep‐out under the stars. Or perhaps there’s a local conservation organization you’d like to find out more about and visit?

The beauty of a slow safari is that you’ll have the time to choose what you want to do.

Chat to us and let’s put together the perfect slow safari itinerary for you…


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