Summer in South Africa – there’s just no where like it. The whole country is bursting with life as warm sunshine basks the Rainbow Nation in light. From City to Coast, South Africans exude a friendly festive feeling that’s hard to resist.


Summer in South Africa
Summer in South Africa

We’ve put together an amazing South African tour for a small group travelling in the African summer, and we thought we’d open it up to our fans to join in on what will surely be one amazing two weeks of fun and sun.

Starting in the economic hub of South Africa, Johannesburg – also known as the City of Gold – and ending in beautiful Cape Town, this tour will take in all the sights between the great cities of the north and south. Travelling with a small group means that you get real value for money, without compromising your South African experience.

The Nelson Mandela Bridge, Johannesburg

Running from the 18th October 2012 to the 2nd November 2012, the tour includes tour guide and vehicle, breakfasts and accommodation, and many cultural and wildlife tours along the way. Perfect for a single person, or someone who enjoys the comfort of group travel, this tour showcases the best of South Africa from the interior to the coast.

Camps Bay, Cape Town
Camps Bay, Cape Town

Contact Us for a detailed itinerary.

3 Responses to “South African Summer Tour”

  1. Barnes @ ecothreesixty

    Love the picture at the top, the warm sun hitting the mountains behind and the deep rich colours in the foreground. Beautiful.

  2. Africa Safaris

    Wow what a great image for Camps Bay in Cafe Town! Very attractive and It is surely a perfect place for sunbathing, playing beach-volleyball, surfing, windsurfing and relaxing with the whole family.

  3. flights to africa

    Wow what a scene, really it’s amazing. Especially the Nelson Mandela Bridge, lightning is so beautiful at the bridge that it looking like any function’s decoration.


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