The new Tinga Tinyeleti Tree House lodge offers the chance to rekindle our ancient love affair with trees, in an ultra luxurious setting overlooking the pristine wilderness of the Tinga private concession. Ever since childhood days of tree houses and tire swings, trees have always held a special place in our hearts – many an hour has been spent relaxing under the shade they provide, contemplating life while the birds sing from their branches overhead. They are the grand old guardians of the wilderness, and provide a safari experience second to none…

The Tinga Tinyeleti tree house lodge is located inĀ Tinga – a private concession in the famed Kruger National Park. The lodge was recently completed and offers guests the chance to sleep among the tree canopies in unrivalled luxury, giving one an unprecedented safari experience. With the sights and sounds of the African bush encapsulating you on the luxurious four post bed, it’s incredibly easy to forget one’s cares and become lost in the experience.

These pictures of Tinga Tinyeleti tree house lodge do it more justice than words ever could! If you’d like to experience the treetops for yourself, then please feel free to Contact Us and we’ll gladly make it a reality.

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