With the midyear break looming many people have their vacations planned and will soon be gathering the family together for the annual summer break.  The other day I found an app that you download that helps you pack for your vacation!  I thought to myself “wow, we really don’t have to think about much these days” – download an app and you have something at your finger tips to help you pack!

These gorgeous Meerkats are totally family focused!

Then I thought there might still be a few of us out there a little more traditional in our packing methods.   So I thought to put together some hints and tips for families going on vacation and especially for those families traveling to Africa or those just thinking about it.  Unlike the Obama’s who traveled recently to South Africa and Botswana, we don’t all get to travel with such an entourage!

There are a few tips that work for any family traveling to any location:

• Everyone has their own bag
• Have a “kids only” toiletry bag
• Have one bag (carry on) that has a spare outfit for each person traveling and one or two other essentials, you never know when one of your bags might not arrive at your destination
• Pack clothing that works in layers

Some tips for those packing for a family safari to Africa:

• Camera & binoculars – preferably one “low cost” version per child
• Wildlife checklist
• Neutral colored clothing (avoid bright colors and whites)
• Hats, sunglasses and sun block for everyone
• Swimming costumes
• A favorite toy, but something small, light and easy to pack
• If your children have specific medical requirements please bring them with you, don’t rely on finding them in Africa

Remember that Africa is an awesome destination for children of all ages.  It is best to chat to your consultant and give them all your families’ details so that they match you with the perfect lodge.  There are countless options throughout Southern and East Africa and different lodges have different requirements, and offer different facilities.  But on Safari – you can rely on kids having a great time!  Animals, birds, insects, open spaces, blue skies, adventure, games and wonderful staff to help you look after them.