Hi Liesl and Jeff,

We’re back home reflecting on our trip as John goes through his hundreds of photographs.  We just want to let you know how fantastic our trip was!  From beginning to end all worked out to be all we wanted and more.

Our time in Cape Town was excellent — including being actually able to meet you, Liesl.  As we told you before, Pepe was an excellent guide — not only with her expertise and wanting to share all with us, but she was truly like one of the family.  Our visit to the Ncedolwethu Educare Center was very special.  We felt privileged to be able to give them some materials for the children.

The Rovos Rail was very enjoyable.  People on board were enjoyable, staff very helpful, food fantastic, and a great way to see central South Africa. Sidney, our driver from the train to Athol Place and then to the airport was most helpful.  It was great to then see him when we returned to the airport with our suitcase in tow.  He was just one of the many super people we met!

Our transportation went from 747/777 KLM  to a Caravan to a Cessna 207 to a helicopter, from vans to Land Rovers, and even included a motor boat (across the Zambezi).  All were great!

On Safari, we saw all of the Big Five plus a multitude of animals and a beautiful array of birds. Included was the first spotting of a white rhino in the last several weeks at Mombo and following a pride of lions from laying around and cubs playing, to their stalking a herd of buffalo, isolating one and eventually taking it down.  National Geographic definitely abridges their footage and removes the sound track!  What an experience!!!  All of the camps were excellent, with highly knowledgeable guides who made sure that we saw all.

Thank you so very much for the work you did to put this together for us!  It was truly a fantastic dream of a lifetime trip!!!

Karen and John