One of the fastest growing trends in family vacation travel is African Safaris.  Not only do kids love seeing the animals in the wild, but parents love spending quality time with their kids in an exotic environment which provides a vacation of a lifetime that is educational and memorable.  If you are thinking about taking your family on an African Safari, here are 5 tips by guest blogger Adam Riemer to help make it easier for you and your kids to enjoy the trip.


Kids on Safari

1.  Plan the plane ride ahead of time.  You will be flying and on layovers for a very long time to reach Africa.  But it is so worth the trip!  In order to make the flight easier for you and your kids, make it an educational and fun. Buy African themed movies (ie: Madagascar) as well as coloring books and educational games that feature the African animals. Quiz your kids about the animals and where they will see them. This will get them excited for the countries you will visit and keep them entertained for hours.

2.  Pack mix and match clothing.  Because you may be visiting multiple countries and suitcase space is limited, find clothing and kids pajamas that can be interchangeable.  If your kids like superman, you can pack a red and blue superman pajama tops  and a red and blue pair of pajama bottoms, now you have 4 pairs of pajamas for them to choose from instead of having to waste space with 8 pieces.

3.  Get them accustomed to the local food.  If you’re a parent you know that kids can be very picky. You should research the places you will be visiting and look at the menus.  Maybe try a few of the recipes at home so that your kids get to know them and are able to order them when they are in Africa.  Not only will this help you find something they will eat, but they will be excited to be able to order in the native language when you are on Safari.

 4.  Bring something from home.  Going to a resort in the US is one thing, but taking your kids to somewhere that is 100% different from anything they have ever seen and being surrounded by strange languages, is another.  By letting your kids bring one well-loved toy or small blanket, you can help to eliminate any homesick feelings.

 5.  Pack a medicine box. You don’t have to pack your enitre medicine chest, as hotels and lodges have sufficient first aid kits. But be sure to bring the basics so that you have immediate access to brands of medication that you and your kids are familiar with.

Environmental education made fun

Africa is one of the most amazing family destinations. From Cape Town to the Kruger National Park via the Garden Route and then up to Victoria Falls. If you have more time, you should include Kenya and Tanzania and time on the beach near Zanzibar. Your kids will get to see more wildlife than they ever imagined, and will go to sleep each night exhausted and happy so that you and your partner can free to share romantic evenings under the African stars together – enjoy it!

Guest Post By: Adam Riemer

Adam is a blogger who has been to more than 18 countries.  With his sites and his own travels, he has helped travelers plan everything from family vacations to gay weddings  and even finding the right broadway show to see when you’re in New York.