December 2011 – Abu Camp, located in Botswana’s pristine Okavango Delta, is proud to announce that Shireni, one of the Camp’s leading elephants, gave birth to her third surviving calf, a healthy female, at 22:05 on the 17th December. Measuring approximately 90cm at the shoulder and weighing about 110kg, the new-born stood on her own feet, wobbling, within 20 minutes.  The elephant handlers have named her Warona, the SeTswana name meaning ‘For Us’.


Warona resting
Warona taking a short nap.


Warona and Shireni
Warona and mother Shireni


Warona - Elephant Calf
Warona being carefully watched over by mom


Many thanks to the Wilderness Collection for their amazing images. We wish little Warona all the very best!