Following on from our original Thanksgiving ‘1 Like, 1 Dollar’ campaign, African Safari Consultants has decided to raise the bar this Holiday Season and go all out to make a worthwhile difference. 

Rhino Mother and Calf
Rhino Mother and Calf

Rhino Poaching has spiralled out of control recently, due to an increase in demand for their horns in certain Asian markets. The horn is believed to be an aphrodisiac in China and Vietnam and almost all horns that leave South Africa are destined for either Beijing or Ho Chi Minh City.

South African National Parks reports that, up until 21 November 2011, 382 rhinos have lost their lives this year. This is up significantly from recent years (see the table below).

SANParks Rhino Poaching Stats 2011
SANParks Rhino Poaching Stats 2011


We at African Safari Consultants don’t like this any more than you do, which is why we have partnered up with the Wilderness Foundation this Holiday Season in order to raise some serious money. The Wilderness Foundation launched the Forever Wild – Rhino Initiative in May 2011 and aims to save the rhino from extinction in the wild by raising both funds and advocacy and participating in anti-poaching initiatives. As an international organisation, the Wilderness Foundation is using its leverage to access some of the highest governmental authorities in order to raise global awareness. Wilderness Foundation Director, Andrew Muir, will be delivering a petition to US Congress in January 2012 to bring the situation to the attention of international governments.

Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative

So what does this alliance entail? Simply put, we at African Safari Consultants will donate $1 (US) to the Wilderness Foundation for every ‘like’ received on our Facebook page (  from now until the end of December.  If we reach our target, an attainable 1000 ‘likes’, before the end of December then we will double the donation amount! So when you and your friends (and your friend’s friend’s friends) click the little thumbs up on our page, that’s another dollar against Rhino Poaching.

We’re truly passionate about giving as much as possible so please share, tweet, +1, email and fax (if people still use fax machines) this on to as many people as possible. Use the hashtag #1like1Dollar on Twitter and let’s go viral!

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