A couple of weeks ago, the team at African Safari Consultants were invited for a Dine Around at The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront compliments of our gracious host Annette of AI Marketing. When I first saw the email titled ‘Dine Around’ in my inbox, I had no idea of the tour of culinary delights that awaited. To say that I was pleasantly surprised is somewhat of an understatement…

It was a wet and rainy Friday afternoon in Cape Town, and I was the first of my colleagues to arrive at The Greek Fisherman – the first stop on our tour of the V&A Waterfront’s gastronomic powerhouses. With its doors having opened in 1992 – the same year of the Waterfront itself – The Greek Fisherman has enjoyed sustained success. I was immediately impressed by the attentive staff, who  showed me to the table that Annette has reserved earlier for our party. With the ladies yet to arrive, I was free to give the menu a thorough once-over. And once was not enough!

The Greek Fisherman Interior

Annette and my colleagues arrived shortly after my stomach began rumbling after perusing the menu. It wasn’t a second too soon! The descriptions of the Mediterranean delicacies on offer had aroused a latent hunger that I could no longer ignore. Annette explained to us that the three restaurants we were to visit were all owned by the same family, who are of Greek and Italian descent. Annette signalled to the staff that we were ready for our meal, which appeared on our table a short while thereafter.

Pita and Humus

I’ve always been a fan of meze platters, so I was really excited when the spread was laid on our table. First up were the Feta Pastry Rolls  which combined creamy Greek feta with dill, baked to perfection in a light phyllo pastry. That was followed by pita bread with traditional Greek spreads of humus, tzatziki and tarama – each freshly made on the premises. With enthusiastic dipping taking place table-wide, the haloumi cheese almost went unnoticed. Almost. It was fried to perfection and accompanied by a delicious quince jelly, and it did not last very long. The final dish served was the pride of the meze platter – the souvlaki. The meat skewers, basted in lemon and oregano, topped off what was a true Greek delight. Magnificent!

After the last of the tzatziki was finished and the final piece of haloumi munched, it was time to make our way next door to The City Grill. The City Grill’s interior is immediately reminiscent of some of the restaurants we’ve dined at in luxurious camps around Africa. The zebra accents on the wall, coupled with the patent leather tables, let it be known in no uncertain terms that one was very much in Africa. With ample space to accommodate even the biggest touring parties, the City Grill also boasts an extensive wine collection with Sommelier service for that perfect pairing. After taking it all in, we took our seats and awaited what was to be one terrific main course.

Team ASC is served their Venison Skewer at City Grill

Our lovely hostess and her waiting team soon began the procession from kitchen to table, where we sat enthusiastically awaiting to taste what our nostrils were already smelling with delight. Served before us was a spread fit for an African king. There were succulent pork spare ribs basted in a sticky BBQ sauce; delicious medium rare fillet of beef with rice; traditional South African boerewors (sausage) with potato wedges; spicy, perfectly cooked chicken wings; Ostrich fillet and a skewer of South African venison. Thankfully, none of our party were vegetarian, so the selection of meat was met with the adoration it deserved. If I had to describe how delicious -how mouth meltingly tender – each piece of meat was, I would be here all day. I would also be extremely hungry! The food was absolutely faultless and went down rather brilliantly with a glass of the house red. Bliss.

With our stomachs considerably fuller than at the beginning of this culinary tour de force, we made our way upstairs to the final stop of the trip – the Italian themed Meloncino for dessert.  Meloncino’s interior is sophisticated cool and would be equally suitable to a visiting family with children as it would a group of young professionals keen on some cocktails. With plenty of seating area, there is also a DJ booth for later at night when the kids have enjoyed their wood fired pizza and are snugly in bed. After taking in the surrounds, it was time to concentrate on a rather extensive menu. Although I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, there was no way I was going to let this calibre of dessert slip me by…

Meloncino Interior

Four out of five of our party ordered the same thing – the Torta Strepitosa ai 3 Cioccolati. The sexy sounding dessert comprises of baked cream pasticceara and white chocolate on a milk chocolate base, topped with seasonal wild berries and a dark chocolate sauce. It. Was. Sensational! Though my stomach was suggesting that it should perhaps be nap time, I ignored it’s foolish sentiments and proceeded to finish every last bit of chocolatey splendour on my plate. As did the rest of my colleagues!

Dream Dessert

 When the final plate had been collected and the last of the cappuccino was drunk, it was time to part ways with what had been excellent Friday afternoon company. African Safari Consultants wish to thank Annette and her team for their gracious hospitality! And we eagerly await Round 2…