Our good friends over at Uthando recently held a benefit concert which was chocked full of local talent. African Safari Consultants’ Candice P had this to say of her afternoon in the sun…

When the office email about the Uthando Benefit Concert circulated, I knew immediately that I had to attend. Held at a lovely venue just north of the city of Cape Town, the entertainment on offer would be world class and for a really worthy cause. With our blanket and picnic basket ready, we sat down for what was an afternoon of terrific entertainment..

Gumboot dancing has always been a favourite of mine, so I might be a little biased when I say that I think it stole the show. Halfway through the performance of the seasoned ‘veterans’, up on to stage came three dancers who couldn’t have been more than four years old! I was mesmerised by their talent. I would never have had such composure at their age!

Next on stage was the N.O.A.H group – an elderly choir group  – who were quite energetic for their ages I must say! Their beautiful harmonies and traditional singing had the crowd captivated. They were lead by an gentlemen who was a front man amongst the best of them. His enthusiasm and passion was infectious!

The N.O.A.H Group

Siv Ngesi was the emcee and did a great job of keeping the crowd alive and involved. He told us a fascinating story of a child he recently met at the Amy Biehl Foundation  – an NPO who creates cultural programmes for township kids – which I’ll share with you below…

“While visiting the foundation I met a kid called ‘Nightness’, and I was curious as to how he came to get such a name, so I asked him. This query was quickly redirected to his mother, who lit up as she told me. Nightness’ mom explained to me that she had been in labour all day, battling extreme labour pains, when darkness began to fall. With movement not possible, family members had to summon the night nurse to assist. A little while later, a healthy baby boy was born thanks to the efforts of the night nurse, much to the relief of mom. As is African custom, the baby is named according to the situation or circumstances surrounding their birth. Unsure of the night nurse’s name, the parents decided on the next best thing – Nightness”.

Siv recounting the Nightness tale

All in all, it was a highly enjoyable evening and I must congratulate Uthando and the performers on all their hard work! Cannot wait for next time…


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