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The Best Hotels in Africa For High Tea

High Tea might seem like an exclusively English endeavour but in Southern and Eastern Africa you’ll find hotels offering the best selection of beautiful cakes, cucumber sandwiches, buttery scones and the freshest brew of Earl Grey tea just like they have for years. There are not that many locations to choose from, so we’ve compiled Read More

Our Top 5 Camps in the Serengeti


The Serengeti region of East Africa is one of the most written-about regions on the continent. Many have praised its rolling hills, vast grasslands and perennial movement of animals known as the Great Migration. There are numerous places from which to experience the greatness of this largely untouched region, but trying to choose just which Read More

The Rare White Lions of The Timbavati

In a small area of the Kruger National Park in South Africa exists a rare genetic mutation that is yet to be sub-classified as its own species, yet the tawny lions of this protected area carry a unique gene – one that produces snow white lions. Sighting them in the wild is a special treat Read More

Spotlight on Zambia

south luangwa

Surprisingly, Zambia is still one of the world’s best-kept secrets. Few dare to venture away from the well-trodden tourist route, but for those who love adventure travel and who seek excitement in unchartered terrain, Zambia is the ultimate authentic safari destination. Zambia is large geographically, but not densely populated. The Zambian people are peace-loving and Read More