In Namibia there live elephants who have uniquely adapted to the harsh terrain –  desert elephants of Damaraland. Though not technically a subspecies of elephant – although debate continues in the Scientific community – the desert dwelling herds have adapted remarkably well to their environment.

Desert elephants cover huge distances every day.

Living along the annually flooding rivers in north-west Namibia, the elephants dig beneath the riverbeds to access the water underground, and have been known to travel as far as 70km a day to get to it.

Famed for being constantly caked in red mud, the gentle giants are always a pleasure to see. And there is no shortage of opportunity of seeing them at the following Damaraland properties:

Damaraland Camp (Wilderness Safaris)

Damaraland Camp.



Camp Mowani.


Doro Nawas

Doro Nawas.

See the desert elephants of Damaraland – one of the most serene areas of Namibia – for yourself, or read more about the best places to see elephants in Africa. If it’s a dream to see Africa’s giants in their natural environment, contact us to make it happen.