The Big Five

Nothing compares to the thrill of seeing these endangered animals in the African wild: Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino, Leopard and Lion. The last three are particularly elusive animals and sadly their numbers are dwindling in the wild. Capturing them on camera or tracking them on foot surely counts as one of the most exhilarating experiences. You will have your friends asking to see your photographs and hear your stories for years to come!


The Best Ranger

An unforgettable safari game drive or walk ultimately comes down to the quality of the ranger. Expert safari guides know exactly how to thrill and fascinate you and make you feel as if you are a part of a riveting National Geographic documentary. They also have the skills to find the animal migration, entertain you with fascinating wildlife facts, keep you safe and get you award-winning photography opportunities.

Intuitive Staff

The best safari lodges are those with understated style that offer luxury and comfort, whilst blending into the natural surroundings. From the moment you step off your light aircraft staff will be on hand to anticipate your every move and deliver impeccable service with the warmest of smiles. They will gently ease you into the rhythm of the African bush by waking you for early morning sunrise trips (the best time to see animal migrations), preparing delicious afternoon teas and taking you on thrilling nocturnal animal spotting drives.

lodge staff1

African Sundowners

For many guests, this will be one of the highlights of their stay plus the glowing light makes for a great photo opportunity moment. Nothing beats a cold beer or gin & tonic in the bush as you watch the red African sun set over the plains. Later, be serenaded by the sounds of the bush at night and then gather around the crackling campfire to listen to some incredible tales of African tribes and the wild.


Dining in the Wilderness

After a long day exploring the wilderness or soaking up the glorious African sun at the pool, nothing beats feasting on gourmet bush cuisine and superlative wines served under the faint glow of a lantern lit canopy of an ancient ebony tree under an African starry sky. Possible even in the remotest wilderness places, this is an unexpected reason to go on a luxury safari.