Stop over at Hippo Hollow before your Safari

One of the best things about work in the tourism industry in Africa is that we have the opportunity to see many, if not most, of the places we recommend daily for clients.  This gives us a huge advantage as we are able to create perfect vacations for our clients.

One of my colleagues Lise recently did a family trip to the Kruger National Park.  This was a vacation for them so even though it sounds great to be visiting lodges all the time as part of your job, sometimes you do have to have a proper break.  So they hired a private house in a reserve and spent a week relaxing there.

Lise did manage to make one quick stop with the family en route.  I don’t often post direct feedback like this but Lise really did come back with plenty of praise for Hippo Hollow.   I thought there would be lots of you out there who found it helpful as the Kruger Park is such a popular destination to visit in South Africa.

So in Lise’s words, a change from mine!

“Hippo Hollow is a well priced lodge outside Kruger and I was expecting it to be fairly nice but not spectacular. Well I couldn’t have been more mistaken!
Hippo Hollow is fantastic value for money and offers exceptional service. The staff couldn’t do enough for us and were always friendly.

We had a chalet with a kiddies loft and a stunning view of the river. We woke up to the elephants wandering on the other side of the river, much to my husband’s delight – I have never seen him get out of bed so fast!  I would definitely recommend the chalets over the hotel rooms, just for the views.

The highlight for us was the evening buffet which sported not only a fabulous array of traditional foods, but the chief himself and his troop of dancers. The program was fun, just the right length and ended up with some of the other diners joining in. The chief stays for dinner, so you can chat to him about traditional life in the area if you want to.

I highly recommend Hippo Hollow for good clean family fun en route to your safari, or a nice easy stop over for couples on a self drive tour looking to visit the Kruger National Park or Panorama Route”

Always great to get first hand feedback so thanks Lise for making the effort!

View looking out over the gardens and river