The progress of this year’s wildebeest migration in Tanzania has been closely tracked by the staff at Singita. Moving through much of the Serengeti just last month, the herds have been surrounding many of their lodges and camps lately, and have now reached Lamai.


photo credit: Singita

As you can see from this amazing photograph, there are huge numbers of wildebeest gathering across the Mara River. There are even more herds that are expected to cross in the coming weeks, eventually crossing back over multiples time, possibly even through October! No two years are the same though, and while the migration path may vary from year to year (depending on weather patterns and other environmental factors), Singita’s lodges in Tanzania are perfectly situated in the path of this epic annual event where over one million wildebeest and other plains game travel over 200 miles of grasslands, following the rains in search of better grazing.

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