The beautiful continent of Africa has been in our hearts since day one. With an unmatched passion and enthusiasm for her wildlife and natural environment, Africa became our primary focus and we set about on our path to promote the continent to all those we encountered. Nick Brandt, a London based wildlife photographer, shares that same passion.

Nick Brandt has made it his life’s work to document Africa’s diminishing edens in an attempt to raise awareness about the environmental destruction taking place at the hands of man. Photographing almost exclusively in monochromatic hues, Nick’s photographs capture the regal beauty of Africa’s wildlife in a way that few others are capable of doing. Brandt’s shots are emotionally stirring and transcend the boundaries of one’s own personal affiliation with Africa, replacing it instead with universal awe and admiration of the natural world’s unrivalled beauty.

We hope you enjoy his photographs as much as we do! For more of Nick’s work, check out his profile on Artsy.