The Serengeti National Park of Tanzania in East Africa is one of the most written-about regions on the continent. Many have praised its rolling hills, vast grasslands and perennial movement of animals known as the Great Migration. There are numerous places from which to experience the greatness of this largely untouched region, but trying to choose just which one is best can be confusing. We thought we would ease your selection process by compiling a list of our five all-time favourite Serengeti camps.

1. Alex Walker Serain

Alex Walker Serain Camp is part of a collection of camps in the East African region, including Kenya and Tanzania. These camps (made out of Serengeti South and Serengeti North) are not all about luxury, but rather about providing visitors with an authentic Serengeti experience. The atmosphere at the Serain camps is one of respect for the environment and a focus on the safari rather than on luxury accommodation. Travellers looking to disconnect from their busy schedules leave their phones behind and experience one of Africa’s most mesmerising regions will find the Alex Walker Camps irresistible. We have only ever received great client feedback!

Alex Walker Serain
Alex Walker Serain Camp – for the most authentic safari in the Serengeti

2. Serengeti Bushtops

If you’re looking for ultimate luxury in the great outdoors, then look no further than Serengeti Bushtops. This classic Tanzanian camp is fabulous in every way! Watch the gorgeous Serengeti sunset from the comfort of your private hot tub, dine on mouth-watering cuisine prepared by the camp’s highly-rated chef and indulge in the first of many unlimited massages. Serengeti Bushtops is truly a magical camp set against the backdrop of incredible scenery.

Serengeti Bushtops
Serengeti Bushtops is all about Wild Luxury (safari adventure & first class facilities)

3. Ubuntu Camp (Asilia)

For the best value camp, Asilia Africa’s Ubuntu Camp is your best bet. Situated in the heart of the Serengeti National Park, this small camp is seasonal and follows the annual wildebeest migration. There are fewer frills and fancies at Ubuntu, and yet it provides great game viewing activities and a truly authentic Serengeti experience. It also helps that the team of Tanzanian guides are warm, professional and ready for any adventure.

Ubuntu Asilia
Ubuntu Asilia follows the migrating wildebeest during river crossing and calving season

3. andBeyond Serengeti Under Canvas

If you are considering a mobile camp that moves with the migration, then &Beyond Serengeti Under Canvas should go onto your wishlist. Experience the grandeur of the wild while appreciating the luxury of flush toilets, twinkling chandeliers and high-quality cotton down duvets. The tents at Serengeti Under Canvas are semi-permanent but are positioned as close as possible to the areas in which the Great Migration passes through. Guests of &Beyond can be assured of utter privacy and exclusivity as the camp is comprised of only nine tents.

serengeti under canvas
Serengeti Under Canvas – Follow the Migration in ultimate glamping luxury

5. Lemala Ewanjan

Located quite perfectly on the slopes of Makoma Hill in the central Serengeti, Lemala Ewanjan is an incredible camp for its year-round spectacular game viewing opportunities. The best time is obviously during Migration season from June to November, but outside of this time guests can see many of the Serengeti’s big cat population. Both accommodation and trips at Lemala are of a high standard: expect professionally led game drives and stunningly spacious tents.

Lemala Ewanjan
Lemala Ewanjan is secluded and has excellent year round game viewing

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious East African getaway or a chance to get in touch with nature, there are many different options to choose from. Regardless of where you stay, you are bound to be entranced by the Serengeti’s superlative game viewing, great guides and unique safari camps.