So many people are keen, now more than ever, to book a trip somewhere life enhancing, meaningful and memorable.  Africa is on the top of best-places-to-travel-to-when-the-worst-of-Covid-is-over.  We know that travel will bounce back, and we are prepared.  So are our suppliers and ground handlers.

Along with our safari partners on the ground in Africa, we’ve always put a lot of care into creating bespoke, meaningful trips for our clients.

Now with COVID in the mix, we are undeterred and are determined to operate with even more dedicated levels of care, applying best practice to every logistical detail of our itineraries.


See here for updates on which safari countries are open for travel and their entry requirements.

The whole hospitality industry wants guests to feel safe, secure and ready to travel again. The safari tourism industry has tweaked their protocols and procedures to be covid-safe and compliant.  Ironically enough, not that much needed to change as a high standard of hygiene regulations was already in place in the hospitality industry pre-covid.

Our suppliers have implemented the necessary measures to ensure that they all are ready to welcome the return of guests and to ensure the health and safety of every person. These include relevant Covid-19 protocol training, wearing PPE when required, cleaning and sanitizing regularly, especially frequently touched surfaces and touch points.

Transport providers have put in measures to adhere to physical distancing protocols and hygiene by only having a certain number of passengers per vehicle, having adequate hand sanitizers, ensuring everyone in the vehicle is wearing masks, safeguarding the vehicles by sanitizing them after every trip, especially doors, window handles, arm rest and handrails plus guest will also have to sanitize their hands before and after entering a vehicle.

The number of guests on a game drive vehicle have also been reduced to ensure social distancing, unless it is a family traveling together and wanting to be in one vehicle.

Guests will be required to sign a medical and travel declaration upon arrival at the safari lodges and hotels as well as being screened daily with their temperatures taken with a handheld thermometer.

Social distancing protocols will be followed in the main public areas, all luggage, amenities and stationery will be sanitized frequently. Private dining meals will be enjoyed with buffets falling away and limiting communal dining and replacing it with individually plated options or buffet trays per table. Guests and staff will be required to wear their masks in the communal areas and hand sanitizers will be readily available. Rooms are deep cleaned and sanitized and sealed until guests arrive, to ensure maximum hygiene levels.

In the event of a guest falling ill while traveling and presents Covid-19 symptoms, the guest/s and staff who were in contact with the guest, will be immediately placed into isolation and the necessary care and protocols will be followed. The properties have dedicated isolation rooms for their guests.

All the preventative measures are followed rigorously, to reassure guests of the high standard of hygiene and offering them peace of mind while travelling. As the global Covid-19 situation is ever changing, everyone is intended to adapt accordingly.

We cannot wait to welcome you to Africa!